I tell stories through ceramic sculpture. Clay has a voice and I help the story be heard. Every creation speaks of the balance in life and the human condition. You may feel Happy or Sad, Strong or Fragile,  Full or Empty, Excitement or Calm,  Love or Hate, Desire or Indifference in my work

Clay flips my creative intuitive switch. Creating is second nature to me.  My sculptures may have flowing shapes and deeply textured surfaces reminiscent of human forms, woodland imagery, spirits and seascapes.  All choices of subject matter, clay, glazes, processes and firing techniques  and experimentation are inspired and guided by the artistry of nature.  Like nature, each piece created is one of a kind.


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Ongoing   Works On Display   The Bozzi Collection, Spokane, WA
Ongoing   Works On Display   Manic Moon, Spokane, WA
Ongoing   Private Collections   Archive Pictures Previous Work
Ongoing   Works on Display   The Artist Touch, Spokane, WA
1 - 3 August 2014   Art On The Green   Current Works
5 - 28 September 2014   Featured Artist Event : Sticks, Stones and the Sea   The Bozzi Collection, Spokane, WA
Handbuilt / Stoneware ceramic rock Cairn. RAKU fired
Art On The Green North Idaho College Coeur D' Alene, Idaho
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